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Start Your Home Business Today!

Why do people join SFI?

SFI is the top Internet marketing affiliate program in the World Wide Web as to date.

Some of the reasons why SFI and its products are so popular

  • SFI is a proper online business. The SFI program is a complete turnkey system that is FREE to join and all the resources you need are provided FREE. Your start-up cost is practically zero and there is hardly any start-up time.

  • With SFI you do not need to have your own website(s) or hosting service to run your online business. They are all provided FREE for you to use. SFI provides you with more than 20 personalized ?Gateway? websites that you can use immediately.

  • With SFI all you need is a good computer and a basic Internet connection to start your business. No other office equipment is needed and the business can be run completely from home.

  • SFI is an International company and you can earn an income from over 200 countries across the globe. There are no territorial restrictions. You will be able to build a Global Network of success oriented business partners worldwide.

  • You can be a partner in this global marketing team whether you are an entrepreneur, doctor, engineer, teacher, housewife, student, or from any walk of live. SFI is an equal-opportunity program and accepts members from all over the world. It has tens of thousands of affiliates worldwide and involves men and women of all ages, race and ethnic backgrounds.

  • SFI handles all the selling part. Your job is to promote and bring customers to your ?Gateway? website. The more visitors you bring in, the more chances they will buy and the more profit you make.

  • SFI also handles payment processing, inventory tracking and shipping the products to your customers. Customer's service is all taken care of for you.

  • SFI understands the Internet. Using their powerful central Admin site, online real time genealogies, numerous tools, advanced email options you can manage your online business from anywhere at any time.

  • SFI has a powerful and fair compensation plan. You will have access to your upline to ask questions. The compensation plan rewards people for helping you become successful. Everyone has an equal opportunity to make as much money as they want as an affiliate. A quote from Gery Careson, Founder and President of SFI: ?As for the Comp Plan (compensation plan), you simply have to be a TL (team leader). Period. This keeps the Comp Plan clean, simple, and puts the big money within reach of every affiliate.?

  • Even if you are a busy person, SFI can create a good second income. With only a few hours a week and will not interfere with your current job or career. Set your own working hours.

  • SFI s not a pyramid scheme. In SFI, no matter where you are positioned in the network or when you join, you can advance to the very highest income levels and even earn more than those above you in the network. The bottom line is you will get out of your business what you put into it. They are an established Internet business opportunity.

  • SFI also pays commission and bonuses based on its entire earnings. You can earn lucrative bonuses for Executive Matches and Team Matches. When you build your own team, your earnings become larger as your team becomes bigger. When your team succeeds, you succeed along with them. It is commonly referred to as Residual Income.

  • SFI is not a ?get rich quick? scheme. It is an online business. It can be your own Internet business?

  • Thanks to the Internet and SFI's smartly designed infrastructure, your business expenses are minimal. You can contact thousands via email, search engines, directories, free ads, etc. No door to door sales, No postage, No printing, No calls.

  • SFI is an absolutely FREE Affiliate Program. There is no joining fees or subscriptions. You can be a free member as long as you want. But, like any other business, you can choose to invest money or you can invest time to build your business. This makes SFI one of the most affordable and practical businesses in the world.

  • Even though SFI has hundreds of quality products and services for sale, you are not required to buy anything from SFI. SFI has a broad product line including wellness, music, information products, weight loss, pet care, magazines and much more. Hundreds of products you can sell.

  • You can choose to purchase SFI products for your own use at huge discounts. SFI products are of such high quality that you might find it better to buy from your own SFI store. You can replace the goods and services you get elsewhere and get them from SFI instead. And with SFI great discounts, you will save money doing it too!

  • As a SFI Affiliate, you have free access to all of SFI's facilities and resources to run your own Internet business. They offer dozens of free and almost free ways to promote your business.

  • No previous business experience is needed. SFI has a very extensive and up to date Training Library. The training is very systematic, simple to understand and easily accessible. You do not have to complete your training to start your business. You can start to earn income as you learn to build and run your business. SFI really helps build your confidence, knowledge and skills to become a successful Internet marketer. The in house training program allows you learn as you earn.

  • SFI provides you with proven marketing strategies or marketing methods and all the necessary marketing aids such as banners, text ads, scripts, etc. to help you in your promotional campaigns.

  • With SFI you can do your online business part-time, full-time or whenever you feel like it. There is no obligation to work and no sales quota to reach.

  • Your upline team leaders are always willing to help you become successful. You will get help from real people, not auto responders.

  • SFI has a very professional and helpful support staff of real people to handle all your queries and problems. They are also very people friendly and efficient.

  • SFI is the Top Internet Marketing Affiliate Program because it is a reliable and easy system. Anyone can work it and benefit from it. The SFI system really helps people help themselves.

  • To start your business today, you can visit us at Home Business Ideas
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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Top 5 Reasons Most People Fail at Achieving Their Goals .. and How to Fix Them

“Fail” is a 4-letter word – the ultimate “F” word, you might even say. In this article, I’ve identified the Top 5 reasons people fail at achieving their goals. You may find that one, two, or even all five of these relate to your life and experience with goal setting. If that’s the case, don’t despair. Following each reason are some questions you can use to turn them around. You’ll start to experience real progress – not just movement that seems to go nowhere. As you read these, be honest with yourself – but not harsh. Take the time to answer the questions and think about alternate ways of doing things so that 2003 will be a year of massive goal ACHIEVEMENT for you!

Reason #1: People don’t take action. OK, this sounds obvious. Surely we all know that we have to take action in order to get somewhere. Even so, you would not believe how many people I talk with who sit there and wonder why their life doesn’t go the way they want it. (I know this b/c I’ve been there.) The thing is that they often don’t know what action to take, OR, they aren’t being honest with themselves about whether they really are taking action.

Here are some questions to consider: If you had already achieved your goal, what actions would you have taken to get there? What do you feel inspired to do right now? What are 20 possible actions you could take? Which ones are the most inspiring? Will this action I’m considering benefit me and/or my business? How do I know? How can you make a game out of taking action? (My coach and I have created a game I use. I am alternately cursed and blessed by being an incredible idea generator. What I’ve realized is that I get so juiced by creating new ideas that I have to pay attention to actually taking action. My game is to see how short I can make the time span from the time I get an idea to the time I take an action – any action – toward its completion. Yes, it’s a game, but it works! – And if you remember the article from last month, one of my key philosophies is “use what works!”

Reason #2: People are afraid. They might be afraid of failure, or of success. And sometimes they are afraid of both. A bit of a catch-22, wouldn’t you say?

Usually when we are afraid to go for our goals, it is because of a belief we have about what it means to achieve it, or to go for it and not quite make it. Unfortunately those beliefs are usually based on stories from our past, or even on complete falsehoods.

So the solution is to get really honest about the truth of the situation. Ask yourself questions that give you a different perspective: What is scary about having this goal come true for me? What is scariest about going for it and not making it? What am I really afraid of? Where does it come from? Is it REALLY true? Really? What’s the real truth about this situation? Do I actually want this goal?

Reason #3: People have poor internal programming. Think of yourself like a computer – whatever you put in affects what you get out. As you set goals and think about achieving them and the actions required to achieve them, what thoughts are you “putting in”? What is the internal dialogue you have running? What do you imagine will happen?

All of these things – thoughts, words, and your imagination – affect your real results. I won’t go into tons of detail here, but here are some questions to stimulate some positive internal programming:

If this goal were already achieved, how would I feel? What would be different in my life?

Imagine yourself (or your business) with the goal already achieved. Imagine it in Technicolor ways. Describe your experience to someone else (or yourself) as if it were already true. How did it feel taking the steps to achieve it? What did you learn? What did you like best?

Reason #4: People’s environments don’t make success automatic. Most of us have been taught to use willpower to get ourselves to do what needs to be done. While that can work short term, it is also draining and doesn’t usually sustain the change or action. Instead, think about designing your environments to get you to do what you know/think you ought to be doing.

In your physical environment – What are the obstacles/distractions that make it hard for you to follow-through? How could you change or remove them?

In your support/administrative environment – What sort of prompts or triggers can you set up to remind you and nudge you to follow-through on things? (I actually have my assistant send me reminders and nudges to get me to do the things that I tend to put on the backburner. And since I’m paying her to do this, you bet your booty I’m more likely to follow-through.)

What about your human environment? Who do you surround yourself with? Are the people you hang out with naysayers who don’t achieve their own goals, or are they people who set goals, think about what they want out of life, and then take action toward them.

What other “environments” can you think of? How would you redesign them to support you better?

Reason #5: People give up too early. Yep, while most of us like to think of ourselves as persistent, the truth is most of us give up just before we’re about to have a breakthrough. We let discouragement and obstacles become barriers, rather than using them as launching pads for the next approach.

What if your last discouragement actually holds within it the key to getting what you want? How important is this goal to you? If it is a “must”, then you can’t give up. That doesn’t mean you beat your head against the wall doing the same thing over and over again, but it also means you find another approach.

How will this action benefit you and/or your business?

If this “problem” is actually the foundation of an even better solution or goal, what would that be?

What if all of this is perfect and teaching you exactly what you need to know? What would you do then?

What will the rest of 2003 hold for you? How will you take action, transform the fear, and program yourself and your environment so that you will exponentially increase your chances of achieving your goals?

By Nina! East
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why Do You Want to Become an Unsuccessful Entrepreneur?

If you are working hard but not getting desired result then what is the problem? Why are you become unsuccessful entrepreneur? Here you can see most common types of unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

1.Unplanned entrepreneur: they have no plan to execute. They do not know what would be next goal to achieve in the very next month. They do not have disaster management for disaster situation like recession. Are you one of them? The first step to start a business is making a business and marketing plan to ensure that you will not going wrong. Write your monthly goals in the paper and follow a plan to achieve them one by one.

2. Unfocused entrepreneur: Do you have loads of products but precious few sales? Are you in hurry to finish your lot of work? If you found answer ‘yes’ then you are a unfocussed entrepreneur.

In this situation you need to calm down and focus on them one by one. First take one project and plan out what to do or not. Focus on competitor’s sales like what product they will sale and what you can do to sell more. Now make your marketing strategy.

If you have another project then prepares its business plan and marketing plan separately. Do not merge with other project. Otherwise it will give you headache. Also you should check that it would work with previous project or not. If not then target this project into next year because it is not a good idea to run more than one project at a time with different taste.

The most common problem to handle more than one problem is staffing and money. Staffing is most crucial part of a business.
No one can effectively and profitably implement too many projects at once successfully.

3. Under Financed Entrepreneur: those entrepreneurs who are facing money problem. Are you likely to run out of money soon? Are you stretching your resources too thin? Or are you finding problems with loans? If you found the answer ‘yes’ then you are a under financed entrepreneur. When you want to promote more products or new products you need to ensure that you have enough money to promote them. If you want to start your business then you need to ensure that you have enough money for disaster. It is important because you can protect your business physically but you can not protect your business from natural disasters.

Make sure that you have enough funding to make it a success and to survive the first few months. Make a business plan and take a cost benefit analysis for financial needs.

Many successful entrepreneurs also became unsuccessful at the starting. But they have followed their elders or achievers. Leant them and implemented it on their business. Before start your business takes many advices and tricks for success .

Learn Secret From the Most Successful Entrepreneurs. Discover multiple ways to grow your business easily with these advices:

Good luck

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Work From Home Internet Business Is Booming On The Net

The work from home revolution on the Internet is in full swing. There has never been a better time or opportunity to make money online working at home in front of your computer. The number of money making opportunities is endless.

With today’s technology it is quite possible to run your entire business online from anywhere in the world using your laptop computer. You no longer need to leave your house to make a living for your family. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. No commute required. No travel time with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance on your vehicles. Best of all you are your own boss.

The amount of people using the internet worldwide continues to increase almost monthly. This bodes well for internet business entrepreneurs and anyone wishing to take advantage of the internet work from home business industry. Global Internet Statistics shows over 800 million people worldwide are now using the internet.

Just do a search for internet business opportunities on Google or your favorite search engine. You’ll find websites such as & promoting several top Internet home based business products and services from paid surveys online to network marketing and MLM businesses. If you already have your own website you can even sign up with Google ad sense and make money displaying Google ad words ads on your site. In fact everywhere you look on the net almost every single site you go to is making money from some form of advertising or work from home business opportunity.

The internet is forever changing the global job scene and the world economy with new internet opportunities arriving on the internet every day even as you read this. We can only hope that this will make the world cleaner and a better place to live with less pollution from automobiles and reduced pollution from factories. This in turn could create a backlash on the economy but it has yet to be seen. We all know the reasons behind why we are still using oil and gas rather than clean energy. (It would kill the global economy). Internet business could be just as threatening as electric cars and cars running on fuel cells.

We are indeed in a revolution. The last revolution was called the industrial revolution. Now, we are in the work-at-home revolution.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Do Well In Something Even If You Don’t Seem To Have The Talent For It

By Ellesse Chow

One of the common grouses I hear, hindering people from going into a particular challenge is that they believe they don’t have the “X-factor” to excel in it. Usually, it’s after one or two failed attempts in that same domain. Or something so new that they didn’t know what to expect. They’ll say things like “Nah, I’ve tried before and I know I suck”, “I’m just not cut out for that” or “I can never be as good as him” and abandon the whole idea just to save themselves the embarassment. Even when it’s something that’ll definitely expand their lives if they’ll just give it a(nother) try.

I admit I’m not spared of this too. Besides judging myself previously for lacking the talent in sales, I used to think I was a lousy dancer… hehehe. I was a member of the high school choir and during one of our overseas concerts, I was handpicked to take part in an all girls performance item. We had to sing and dance a little at the same time. A few of us – myself included – were so “stiff” that we had to be given remedial lessons in our female instructor’s hotel room every other night before the concert! Yes, we were that bad!

Hardly anyone would comment I’m a bad dancer now whenever my friends and I go clubbing. In case you’re wondering, nope, I didn’t take any dancing lessons. I just changed my thinking. In fact, when I look at it, it’s probably the same process of thoughts that lead me to my sales success. Here’s how :

(1) Expect the Frustration

Trust me, when you’re being challenged with some role or work you’ve previously labeled yourself as having no talent for, the first thing to do is just to expect the frustration. It’ll inevitably bring back the nasty memories of how everyone jeered at you when you were on the stage not knowing what to say, for instance. Your ego is likely to convey that underlying message that you shouldn’t speak in public anymore just to avoid the pain of getting hurt or disappointed again.

Well, don’t beat yourself up over it. Be aware that this is your subsconscious’ way of protecting you. But despite the good intentions, choosing to run away from it is literally putting yourself on dystrophy mode. You’ll never be able to do well in public speaking not because it’s true you lacked the talent but rather because you’ve decided not to give yourself a second shot at it anymore!

(2) Make a Decision & Watch Your Focus Shift

In most of my cases, I realize my frustration and anxiety is at its worse when I’m split on a decision. Whether to take up the challenge or say “no”. The former requires some guts but whenever I do so, the negative energy caused by my frustration soon turned into proactive forces. I’ll start brainstorming ways to alleviate the situation. Such as putting in more effort to practice or research the skill I need to develop.

Strangely at the same time, I’ll find comfort within myself. For example, even though I was worried about affecting the necktie sales, I eventually told myself that my assistance was actually to help my brother-in-law resolve an urgent resource issue, which was far more pressing than a slight drop in Sales.

I find myself focusing on another aspect of the whole situation so much so that it takes the pressure off the results. Think of it this way. Assuming you’ve just taken an examination and the score for a pass is 50 marks. You got 45. If your focus is on passing, I’m sure you’ll feel terrible. But what if your plan is to do better than your previous grade, which was 20 marks? You’ll have achieved 125% improvement, way above what you’ve intended!

(3) Observe > Practice > Review > Practice

When the focus is shifted and the stress to perform is greatly reduced, you’ll gradually build up that self belief that it’s probably not going to be that tough after all. By following up this school of thought with the 4 action steps of observe, practice, review and practice, trust me, you’ll be able to hone the skill that you thought you didn’t have the talent for. Just like what I did to be better in dancing.

After my high school saga, I never really had a chance to dance again. Until my University hostel committee organized a party at a club where we were all invited to the dance floor after the dinner. I was initially reluctant to join them – mainly because I didn’t want to embarrass myself – but when everyone at our table popped down to the dance floor, a friend just dragged me by the arm. I didn’t have time to say “no”.

Under the music and shimmering lights, I suddenly realized that everyone was so busy having fun that no one would notice my obscure dance moves! I began to shift my focus. Instead of being conscious about my dance steps, I just concentrate on swaying my body with the music.
And as I did so, I started taking note of how others danced, played copycat a little, review the response from my friend on my moves – well, she didn’t say anything bad – and quickly continued with it. At the end of the day, I was having so much fun that for the first time ever, I felt that dancing wasn’t totally beyond me! As much as I thought it was.

(4) Have Fun In The Process!

Once everything becomes almost second nature to you through your observation, practice, review and continuous practice, what determines if you’ll ever do well in that domain really depends on how much fun you’re beginning to derive from it. Nowadays, I’m usually the one initiating for a chillout at the clubs, occasionally receiving a bonus compliment that I dance quite naturally. And yes, none believed that I used to be so bad in dancing that I had to have remedial lessons.

Do you now enjoy the attention of speaking on the stage? Are you gradually opening up to the idea of breaking ceilings of sales one after another? Will you like to go dancing to the tune of the music and sweating it out again? When you derive a lot of fun and satisfaction from that something you didn’t know you could do well in, it will eventually develop an impetus for you to know more, learn more and practice more. That, in turn avalanches your achievement as you become skilled in it.

Though I still face a lot of insecurities in reattempting stuff I used to do badly in – things that I totally felt I wasn’t born with the gift for – such little successes over the years have helped to mitigate that frustration and fear. I know there’s still a chance for me to do well in it.
What about you?

** Photo By Bombardier
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Web Browser Faceoff: Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome

Article By: by Barb Dybwad

We've had some pretty close races lately in our Lunchtime Poll feature, which got us thinking of the obvious question: which one of these contestants would win in a fantasy fight?

So we decided to pit some of these services and software head-to-head in a knock-down, drag-out cage match. So we decided to pit some of these services and software head-to-head in a knock-down, drag-out cage match. There may even be jello involved. There may even be jello involved. We're asking you, dear readers, to cast your vote for the ultimate winner in this 1 v. We're asking you, dear readers, to cast your vote for the ultimate winner in this 1 v. 1 battle each week, for as long as we can keep the worthy contestants coming. 1 battle each week, for as long as we can keep the worthy contestants coming. Read on to vote in this week's match! Read on to vote in this week's match!

No poll was closer than the Favorite Web Browser question earlier this month. No poll was closer than the Favorite Web Browser question earlier this month. The two victors far out ahead of the long tail were incumbent favorite Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox The two Victors far out ahead of the long tail were incumbent favorite Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox and relatively new challenger Google Chrome and relatively new challenger Google Chrome . . This week's Faceoff pits these two browsers against each other for ultimate fame and glory. This week's Faceoff pits these two browsers against each other for ultimate fame and glory.

Firefox Firefox is armed with an unmatched extension architecture for power users to tweak and modify to their heart's content. is armed with an unmatched extension architecture for power users to tweak and modify to their heart's content. But all those add-ons tend to slow things down — will Chrome's But all those add-ons tend to slow things down - will Chrome's relative speed give it the edge? relative speed give it the edge? Or is the lack of an official Chrome for Mac going to hold that browser back in the 10th round? Or is the lack of an official Chrome for Mac going to hold that browser back in the 10th round?

Cast your vote below until noon EST on Friday September 25th, and be sure to let us know your reasoning in the comments. Cast your vote below until noon EST on Friday September 25th, and be sure to let us know your reasoning in the comments. We'll recap the results later this week and start a new Faceoff next week. We'll recap the results later this week and start a new Faceoff next week.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wake Up The Internet!

BuzzBot is the first technology of it's kind to bring interactive social networking featuBres to every website and any web-content on the Internet, all instantly and at a simple click of a button. Any website that you can type into your browser, you can now comment, blog and chat on - the entire Internet LIVE and Interactive!

Because we bring your whole world here and make ALL of it fully interactive!

Imagine the entire internet being taken from less than 5% of all websites having Interactive Social Features - to the ENTIRE Internet, 100% of all websites online having popular Social Interactive Features like those big sites that confine their features to just their website! This simply means any website that you can type into your browser, you can now become fully interactive on. This was the natural progression of the web anyway - we just made it full reality TODAY!

Welcome to the Future of the Internet. Welcome to BuzzBot!

To learn more about Buzzbot, click HERE.

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