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Jack Canfield: Merging Business and Spiritual Principles for Success
January 11, 2009 by Susan Hanshaw

Last weekend I went out in search of a book that could set me into the new year with an inspired focus on the unlimited possibilities that I know are true for all of our lives. I came home with Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. The title perfectly expressed what I was looking for.

Fifty seven pages into the read, the book has surpassed what I set out to receive. It’s not that the principles that Jack Canfield writes about are new, it’s that his ideas are a rare mix of spirituality and business. They’re grounded in practicality and yet they speak to the soul. He reminds me that it’s possible to achieve your dreams, but first you need to get in touch with those dreams, break them down into goals, and above anything else, believe in your ability to bring your dreams to life.

I sat down to do a couple of different exercises, and it blew me away to discover just how vague I am about what I really want from my life. How can I focus on building the life of my dreams if I haven’t focused on what my dreams clearly look like?

Jack Canfield has left me with a number of gems so far:

Believing in yourself is essential to success. If you can’t believe in your ability to succeed with something, ask yourself why not? Identify what you need to do to feel confident about your ability to succeed and do it.

Get clear on your vision and create very specific goals. The more definition you place on what you want to achieve, the better equipped your mind is to support the building.
Make a habit of focusing on what you want to create through visualization and mental review of your goals. Keep your visions and the energy that supports them engaged and fully alive. Review your goals several times a day.

Carry a written description of your most important goal with you. Make it a part of your life by reviewing it constantly.

If you haven’t already, take the time to create a vision of your ideal life, and break that vision into specific goals. You can never be too clear on what you want to create.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

I'm sure that everyone reading this article has heard of McDonalds. It is a hamburger franchise that was started by Ray Kroc in the 1950's. This "franchise" was the precursor to "multi-level marketing.

Ray Kroc opened numerous restaurants throughout the world called "franchising". A franchise was someone that purchased a restaurant from him, and was then taught to "duplicate" the efforts of Ray Kroc and what his restaurants represented.

Ray paid these people handsomely for running the businesses for him, but in fact, these people actually "owned" the businesses he gave them to run. Ray Kroc simply took a small percentage of the income produced by these "franchises" and gave the rest of the income to the "owners". He even went out of his way to train them on how to run a business. When that business was trained, he opened another restaurant and did the same with them.

He then continued to duplicate his efforts around the world, which popularly became known as "franchising". After opening numerous restaurants, small amounts of income from all of these restaurants produced a huge income for Ray Kroc.

How does Internet marketing or "multi-level" marketing relate to this? Well. In the case of Ray Kroc, only he was allowed to expand his network. In multi-level marketing, individual business owners can expand their own network. This is exactly what happens in today's "Internet Marketing" boom!

In order to make more income; you must be able to expand your business opportunity and /or products to many locations around the world. Franchising and Internet Marketing are your two best bets. Both work well, and both are highly recommended. If you have lots of capital, go with franchising, but if not, look seriously into Network Marketing. They are your two best bets for success.

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