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Use Words Of Wisdom For Motivation And Encouragement

Words of wisdom are golden nuggets of communication that have the power to do many things. These expressive phrases can be used to provide support and encouragement and to help build confidence. They can prompt us to do things better and may spur us on to new levels of success.

I'd like to share some of my favorite sayings and words of wisdom and the key areas to which they might be applied.


"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Will Rogers

"The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going." Napoleon Hill

"Each indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over lost days. What you can do or think you can do, begin it. For boldness has magic, power, and genius in it." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"The best angle to use in any situation is the TRY-angle." Author Unknown

"The archer has balance in what he does... he strikes the target partly by pulling and partly by letting go." Author Unknown

"Shoot for the moon... even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." Les Brown


"It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed." Harvey S. Firestone

"To find your highest level of success, you must be willing to help others become successful." Author Unknown

"A true measure of success is one who gives of his effort and his wealth to help others overcome adversity." Author Unknown

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world." Author Unknown

"It is better to lend a hand than point a finger." Jackie Phillips


"Silent and listen are spelled with the same letters!" Author Unknown

"The human body is equipped with 2 ears and 1 mouth, and we should use them in that same proportion." Author Unknown


"Never be afraid to try something new... remember, the Titanic was built by professionals, but Noah's Ark was built by an amateur." Author Unknown

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb... that's where the fruit is." Author Unknown

"We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes." John F. Kennedy


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." Josh Billings

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." Jim Rohn

"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work." Vince Lombardi


"It is always too early to quit." Norman Vincent Peale

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." Author Unknown

"No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig; I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen." Epictetus


"If a little money doesn't go out; great money won't come in." Chinese Proverb


"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." Booker T. Washington

"Fall in love with what you're going to do for a living. To be able to get out of bed and do what you love to do for the rest of the day is beyond words. I'd rather be a failure in something I love than be successful in something I hate." George Burns

"Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner gives himself to his work, body and soul." Charles Buxton


"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it magically connects us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change." Earl Nightingale

"Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons." Ruth Ann Schabaker

Use calendars or notepads that display words of wisdom or just write down some of your favorites on pieces of paper. Place them where you can be inspired or motivated on a regular basis and reflect upon what they mean. As we go through life, we should strive to do our best, help others along the way, and remember what a dear friend of mine says, "Things have a way of working out okay in the end... if it's not okay, then it's not the end."

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Tips – 3 Vital Factors for Affiliate Marketing Success

We all need to apply effective affiliate marketing strategies to succeed in becoming super affiliates. There are many products out there that claim to teach you powerful affiliate marketing tips and methods to earn bigger commissions; but before you invest on any resources, you must be aware of 3 vital affiliate marketing tips for maximum success.

In this article, I’m going to be revealing to you for FREE, the three things you must do to succeed in your affiliate marketing business. This means that if you do these things, you will succeed in your business; but if you don’t do them, your chances of success are small.

Here they are:

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 1: Build Your Own Website

The number one mistake most affiliates make is that they don’t build their own website. They promote the affiliate links they are given directly. That is a likely path to failure.

It is important to build your own website. Be it for review purposes or just a squeeze page. You have more chances to succeed on the long term with your website than without your own website.

Even if you don’t have the funds to invest in a website, create a blog using blogger.com or wordpress.com.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 2: Promote Continuously

I’ve come across a lot of affiliate marketers who sign up to an affiliate program and just leave it without promoting. If you are like that, you can never make money as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing, just like other forms of making money online, requires constant promotion. You have to regularly promote your affiliate campaigns using the methods you know if you want to establish a lasting affiliate business.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 3: Build Your List

If you’re not new to Internet marketing, you would have heard the statement “The Money Is In The List”. It’s very true. If you have a responsive opt in email list, your affiliate marketing campaigns will surely succeed.

An opt-in list is a database of names and email addresses of people that have asked for more information from you. Their details are filed in an autoresponder.

When you have such a list, all you need to do is to send emails to them promoting relevant offers. You no longer need to spend money on promotion. This is what the big Internet marketers do. They have their own loyal list of subscribers they can turn to over and over again. Reliable autoresponders include aweber.com and getresponse.com.

Make sure you start building your own opt in email list to increase your chances of making a “killing” with your affiliate marketing campaigns. Following these affiliate marketing tips will increase your chances of affiliate marketing success tenfold.

Michael Lee gives highly profitable and FREE affiliate marketing tips, tools and resources to help you make massive money with his reputable Clickbank affiliate program at http://www.20daypersuasion.com/affiliateforce.html

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What To Do When Your Google Rankings Have Dropped

Has your website lost its rankings in Google? Did your rankings drop or did your website vanish completely from Google? In that case, your website might have received a Google penalty and you might have to file a reinclusion request.

Three reasons why your Google rankings might have dropped

There are several reasons that can cause a ranking drop:

  1. You changed your web pages. After a web page change, Google temporarily downranks web pages. This process has been described in a Google patent. In that case, you don't have to worry about the ranking drop and you'll get your old (or better) rankings back after some time.

  2. Other web pages are better than yours. No web page can keep its rankings forever. Your competitors might have built better web pages with better content and better inbound links. In that case, optimize your web page content for your keywords and try to get better inbound links.

  3. Google thinks that you use spam elements on your web pages and applied a penalty to your website. In that case, you have to file a reinclusion request.

How to find out if your website has been penalized

Search for your domain name on Google. If your website does not come as the first result, it's likely that it has been penalized.

If Google cannot find any page of your website if you search for "site:yourdomain.com" (replace yourdomain.com with your own domain name) then it's nearly sure that your website has been penalized.

Action planAction plan: what you can do to get your rankings back

Before you ask Google to reconsider your website, you should make sure that everything is okay with your site:

  1. Fix all on-site issues that might have caused the problem.

    If you use hidden text or nearly hidden text on your website then remove it. Reconsider any use of display:none and visibility:hidden that you use in the CSS code of your website.

    If you use keyword lists or any other form of keyword stuffing on your web pages, then remove these elements. Check your web page titles, the meta tags and even HTML comments.

    Remove any unnecessary redirects, unrelated links and all duplicate pages. If you use cloaking or bot blocking scripts on your server, disable these scripts. Make sure that your HTML code is clean and that your web pages look nice. Don't use any automatically created doorway pages.

  2. Fix all off-site issues.

    Off-site issues are often the reason for ranking penalties. If you participated in automated link exchange systems of if you paid a cheap overseas link building service to get links to your website then it's likely that these links have been flagged as spam links by Google.

    Google does not like automated link systems at all. Remove all automated link systems from your website and try to make sure that these linking systems do not link anymore to your site.

    If you purchased links to improve your rankings, try to get rid of these links. Google has officially stated that they consider paid links spam. Do not buy links.

How to file a reinclusion request

When you have removed all on-site and off-site elements that could have been flagged by Google, you can file a reinclusion request.

Keep your reinclusion request short and to the point. Be friendly and explain what exactly you have done to clean up your website.

Ranking drops can cost your business a lot of money. For that reason, you shouldn't use any search engine optimization services that promise quick-fix solutions. If something looks too good, too inexpensive or too easy to be true then it probably isn't true.

If you use ethical search engine optimization methods to optimize your web pages then you can be sure that your website gets high rankings without offending Google. It can take longer to get high rankings with ethical methods but you will also keep your high rankings much longer.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

7 Benefits of Having Your Own Internet Home Business

Have you been considering starting and building your own internet home business ? There is nothing like having your own business and enjoying the rewards and satisfactions that go along with it.

There are a lot on internet home business opportunities waiting for you on the internet. But are they worth your time and efforts? Can they deliver what they do tend to promise?

Of course, an internet home business offers greats benefits and freedom to make money online.

1. With an internet home business you don't need a physical location. You don't need to rent or buy a place to start your business. Imagine how much it will cost you to do such thing. It can cost you thousand of dollards per month to have a "down to earth" business.

On the internet you need a location. But it is a domain name, like you know. It can cost between $5 to $25 per year to have an internet domain name. At $25 you can even have free web hosting. So it is really cheap to do business on the internet.

Of course you need a website. You can create one if you have some web development knowledge. Or you can have one free with an affiliate program or other home business opportunity. Or you can have website template for a low investment and some are even free.

2. With an internet home business you can advertise for free. This is another benefit of the internet. You can write article like this one and publish it in ezine, website, blogs, magazine. This is call viral marketing. Or you can advertise for a really low investment, like with overture or Google Adword. You pay only when someone click on your Ad. This is called Pay Per Click. You can have good traffic and good sales using PPC campaign. You can bid as low as 10 cents per click.

3. With an internet home business you don't need no inventory unless you have youre own product that you ship by yourself. Most business opportunity ship the product for you and you keep the profits.

Imagine you don't need to keep an inventory, you don't need a cash register, you don't need credit card processing. All this is done for you if you sales for another business opportunity. You don't need employee to train and pay. You don't need to pay for vacation, insurance, benefices etc.

4. An internet home business, have many tax advantages. You can deduct your home, spouse and children (if you employ them),busines vacations, cars, and business meals. Plus, any losses you incur can be tax deductible and may even be refunded by your income tax agency.

5. With an internet home business you don't have to get up at 5 or 6 AM in the morning to prepare yourself to go to work. You can start working whenever you want and like you want it. You can work part time like 3 or 6 hours a day and still make a decent income on the internet.

Or you can keep your current job if you are just starting your internet home business and make an extra income. Or wait until youre business is running at full speed and you don't need youre job security anymore.

6.With an internet home business you are your own boss. By being your own boss and being able to schedule your own work hours you NOW have the freedom to do what you want when you want to with whom you want at anytime. It's a great feeling to be in control of your own life and do what you want when you want.

Working at home on your internet business is very gratifying. You are now the captain of your ship. You are the one who is steering the wheel. You can use your full creative capacity to bring your business to be a mega success.

7. With an internet home business you are a "Web Entrepreneur" NOW. You are the chief of your entreprise. You are the master of your destiny.

Remember your internet home business should be treated as a real business. This is your new job. You are the one who takes the decisions for now on. You can manage your time without someone else telling you when you should work and take care of your business.

Starting an internet home business have many benefits, but be sure you have the time and effort to give to your internet home business so that you'll enjoy the financial and personal freedom you are searching for.

As long as you are optimistic and focused on your internet business target you’re on the right way to a rich life, which is directed by you and it will lead you to tremendous financial and personal success.

Copyright © Michel Richer - RishBusiness Co.

Michel Richer

Michel Richer, The Internet Home Business Specialist Can Help You Build A Successfull Internet Business That Can Generate Massive Profit !!! So Start Your Own Internet Business for FREE >> Visit Now :: Internet Home Business Resources

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Buzzbot…The Future Is Here!

The Buzzbot,what does it do?
Well, the people at Web2Upgrade have out did themselves on this one.

They have come up with a NEW Technology and this technology is called the Buzzbot.

Web2Upgrade's new BuzzBot technology is "icing on the cake" when it comes to Social Networking websites such as myspace,youtube,and photo bucket just to name a few.
The Buzzbot allows you to make comments,make blogs, and interact on EVERY Website in the World! All you have to do is Sign up for Free and download the Buzzbot. Thats it !

Web2uprade and the Buzzbot technology is Free and will always be Free. There is a Pro Version ,however if you are reluctant to purchase anything, that is fine. The Free Version is Fully Functional.

The BuzzBot will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your website window and takes up very little space. In order to use the BuzzBot you simply click on it and it opens down the right side on your screen.

Let me remind you that the Buzzbot will appear on EVERY Website that you type into your browser! Imagine the possibilities! The Web2Upgrade with the Buzzbot Technology is totally free to use, but you do need to be invited, So with that said, Consider yourself Invited!

When you are in your Back Office you will have the same as other Social Networking websites Except you will have More! Chat Rooms,Blogs,Event Calendar,Classified Ads,Clubs,Videos,Music,eCards,and even Polls.

Oh, did I tell you, Web2Upgrade has an Affiliate Program as well! The affiliate program just launched and has a great compensation plan. For further details,you'll just have to go there!

Again, Web2Upgrade and The Buzzbot is the future and the FUTURE is NOW !
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chad has this correct! Here are three good excuses for not succeeding in an MLM home business.

#3 - You're Afraid of Network-Marketing or MLM's

I can hear you shouting it already...It's a Pyramid Scheme! You'll get sucked in! This is a LIE! Ever heard of "One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch" or "Misery Loves Company"? This can be applied perfectly to the Network/MLM Business, one bad apple along the way and all of sudden that's the first thing that comes to mind, you've already decided it won't work for you even though you never even tried. IF they're all pyramid schemes then how are they still in business paying out millions to their affiliates/distributors? MLM's are not on trial anymore, they are a PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL that can and will make you very, very wealthy, IF you don't give up after a month.

What I'm about to tell you is going to shake you up. Think about the current company you work for, grab a piece of paper and draw this as you read it. At the Top there is the President/Owner of the Company - PROBABLY YOUR BOSS Below him/her There is few Vice-Presidents Below each of them there are 5 or 6 Executives Below them Are some Managers And Finally... Below Them (and usually doing most of the work) are the employees. What does that look like to you? Great Scott, A PYRAMID! You've been in a pyramid scheme your whole working life and didn't even know it, only in this pyramid you're probably near the bottom. What I love about Network-Marketing is you're at the top!

#2 - You Think Running A Business Is Too Much Work
A friend of mine was telling me about his dad's business. It's a decal/sign company that makes custom graphics for Dirt-Bikes, ATVs, etc... He told me that his dad worked all the time and that he'd never start his own business because it was too much work. Obviously something is wrong here, he doesn't know how to leverage the power of others. When you have a business that can be easily duplicated you can teach others how to do the same thing you are doing, therby leveraging their efforts to make millions. You don't have to work as hard and you make more money.

It doesn't happen over night so most people give up before they've laid the proper foundation. Sadly, they sink back into corporate slavery periodically emerging to have a nice dinner at their favourite restaurant for some special occasion. BUSINESS IS EASY, They just didn't find the right one! My business allows me to work as much or as little as I want. I usually sleep in until 11, get up and make a nice breakfast, then hit the computer. I spend 2 or 3 hours e-mailing and talking to people on the phone about their current work/financial situation and helping them start their own business so they can KISS the 9-5 GOODBYE! I leverage their efforts by teaching them what I know, they do the same with others, the system works.

AND THE #1 REASON YOU'RE STILL NOT RICH IS.... You're Still An Employee! When you work for someone else you're making them rich, not you. You're trading your time for dollars and this basically amounts to living paycheck to paycheck, attempting to save what you can so you can have some sort of retirement someday when you're too old to do the things you wanted to do but didn't have the money. Freedom 55 be damned! I'm going to enjoy my life when I'm in my prime! STOP making someone else rich and START living YOUR DREAM.

If you help enough people achieve their dreams, you'll achieve yours.

Feel free to visit my website to see how I'm doing it: http://www.drinkactsuccess.net

Chad Reitsma - EzineArticles Expert Author
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Having a difficult time getting started? Here is an excellent article I came across that explains what may de-motivate us. Suprisingly, it may not be just ourselves. Read on:

You Can't Get There From Here

A man stops to ask directions, o­nly to be told, "You can't get there from here. If you were in Freeport, you could get there, but you can't get there from here."

So he asks how to get to Freeport. "See. That’s the hard part. You can't get to Freeport." We laugh, but too many of us are behaving as if this were serious information about the journey called life. If, in fact, you can call stuck-in-a-rut a journey at all.

Too many of us invest in the “can’t get there from here” scenario and give up before we take the first step. The Chinese saying, “The longest journey starts with a single step,” doesn’t apply because we won’t take that first step.

And what is this misinformation that causes us to give up without trying?

"Well, you came from a dysfunctional family. You can't expect to get to success from a start like that."

"You blew it when you didn't go to college. You’d be better off if you learn to be content where you are."

Or we're too young. Or too old. The wrong color. The wrong sex. Our history has blemishes. We're too poor. Come from the wrong place. The list is endless.

The fact is, people are willing to stand in line for a chance to tell us why we can't get from here to there, there being where our dreams are.

And they're wrong. What we’ve come through provides the gas in the engine for where we want to go. We’ve learned a lot from our so-called “problems,” and it’s stuff that can’t be learned any other way. We just need to let it motivate us and not let it drag us down.

But we won’t even try if we keep listening to the naysayers. Who are these dream killers? They’re people coasting through life without dreams, mainly because they don’t want to do the work that dreams entail. The way they see it is if you don’t try, you can’t fail. You also can’t succeed, but apparently that’s less painful to them than risking failure. And don’t bother trying to explain to them that failure is a building block to success if you keep o­n keeping o­n.

If the quit-now gang consists of casual acquaintances, we can just tune them out. It’s harder if they’re friends. They’re not going to change just because we have a dream. And they don’t want us to change because our success will reflect poorly o­n them.

If they can’t talk us out of it, and we persist in following our dream, they’ll dump us like a bag of wet garbage. And that’s just fine. Anybody who wants to hold us back isn’t really a friend. We’ll need to find new friends who prefer goal-setting to coasting, Full of dreams themselves, they’ll understand. And cheer us o­n.

Dealing with dream killers is hardest if it’s our family who insists we shouldn’t try to be more than they say we are. We can try to show them how they would benefit from our success. We can try to press o­n toward our goals in spite of all their talk of defeat.

But if they’re pulling us down faster than we can climb up, we may need to love them from a distance. Or we can give up our dream, stay down, and spend our days mourning our loss of what might have been–dead people walking.

The important thing to remember is we can get to some place good from wherever we are–if we’re willing to start the race. Regardless of where we’ve been, everybody has to start somewhere, and where we are now is the o­nly place we have for starting.

Where you are now is your place of new beginnings.

Go get ‘em, Tiger. Or Tigress, as the case may be.

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Article By: Bette Dowdell

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Bette Dowdell is a former IBM Systems Engineer, small business consultant and software company owner whose avocation is teaching the Bible to just about anybody who will listen. Read about Bette’s books, check out her Meeting Life Head-On blog, listen to her speak and subscribe–free–to her original, take-the-hill quotes at ConfidentFaith.com

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Hi everyone! We have not posted any information in regards to time management on here for awhile, so here is a great article we have come across with thanks to William Winch.

Explode Your Network Marketing Business By Being Master Of Your Own Time

Owning your own home-based business does not seem like it would require a great deal of thinking when it comes to time management. Just the time you save by not having to commute to work and back seems like it alone would give you all the elbow room you need to coast through your day at a reasonable pace. The problem with working at home, however, is that distractions and obstacles seem to take precedence over the time we should be working. No one likes to have a problem hanging over their head, or miss their favorite tv show when the tv is just a click away. We like to think that we can get our work done more efficiently if all our problems were taken care of first. Working from home gives you the option to do that. But we forget that no mater how much you solve a problem, the next one is always on it's way.
So what happens at the end of the day when yo have finished all your chores and watched the shows you want to watch, but you have not made any money? You start looking for excuses and wind up blaming the company for your lack of success. Had you had the conviction to set a schedule and stick to it, you would not be a statistic in the high drop-out rate that gives network marketing a bad name.

We must all suffer from one of two pains: Discipline or regret. One of your jobs as a network marketer, who is the CEO of your own business, is to decide which is more painful. To me, discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons. I figured this out the hard way by making excuses for ten years instead of being accountable for my own actions. It was only when I developed a schedule and stuck to it that I began to see my business take off.All that is required for you to start your own daily schedule is the desire to make it a success. Making it a success requires you to focus your time on the things that are important before the things that seem urgent.

Doing your laundry is not important. Calling your prospects and inviting them to your briefings or trainings is.If you as a home-based business owner do not make sure you control your days wisely, your days will take control of you. Time is expensive and irreplaceable. your actions need to align with your overall goals. You can not expect to make a profit every single day if you are not sticking to a schedule that weighs heavy on the activities that will bring you income.

One of the best ways to set up a schedule is to block the money-making time as early as possible. This is the most important activity because without it you would have to go back to punching a time clock for someone else. The earlier you get it finished, the easier it is to get it out of the way. It is like when you were a kid and you were told you would not get any desert unless you finished all of your vegetables first. Well, the work is like the vegetables. Get it finished and over with first so you can earn your right to get the reward. What happens to a kid who goes right to the desert and does not eat his vegetables? He gets fat, lazy and sick, and life becomes difficult.

One of the misconceptions about working from home is that the more your work, the more money you will make. This is not true. What if you worked all day using outdated techniques that never make you any money? Those who know proven marketing understand that it is not how many people you talk to, it is who you talk to and how well you can relate to fulfilling their needs, wants and desires.Do not fill your schedule with nothing but work. Instead, focus on being educated on the proper ways to market so you can find a balance between work and leisure that allows you to be successful without spending every waking moment working. You ultimately want to learn how you can talk to only your target audience so when you want to make money, you turn your system on and make it.

Whatever you decide your activities should be, always remember to stick to your schedule and never stray from it. It is the road map you designed for yourself to travel on in order to reach your dreams and goals. If you do not follow your own life's plan, chances are you will fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
By: William Winch

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com/

William Winch is a Business Growth Specialist whose mission is teaching other struggling entrepreneurs how to expand and explode their home-based businesses without breaking the bank. If you are interested in receiving his FREE 20 page Report on how to explode and expand your home-based business, click on on FREE REPORT or by calling him directly at (585) 234-5283.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here is a great article by Gurpreet Singh. Thank you so much. Pay close attention to Item #5.

6 Things You Must Know Before You Choose An Affiliate Program

So you want to choose an affiliate program or are you already involved in one?

These are six tips you must understand deeply. But first, understand that affiliate programs work just like network marketing. I said it works like it because it involves down-lines.

Now to get started. Once you understand these tips and use them wisely, you would make a real success out of the affiliate program you choose.

1. Choose the Right Affiliate Program.

Before you pick an Affiliate program, make double sure it is the right one. Check the company's profile. You cannot be in a moving vehicle and remain stagnant. If your affiliate program is one that makes steady progress, you also make progress. If it is stagnant, you inevitably will be stagnant. Check for the company's age. Companies in their first two years pay high, but they face the risk of quitting all too soon. They are but infants. Companies in their first seven years are more likely to be stable. Older companies are reliable. Very reliable. They have a track record which you can easily check out and have good organization built from years of existence.

2. What are the Companies' Products?

Please be very careful. Only a thin line separates Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or affiliate programs from illegality. You are however safe if the company has a product it sells. Never join a pyramid scheme. I am not an expert at that but I suppose pyramid schemes are scams. If the company does not offer a product or service, you might as well forget it.

3. Check the Compensation Plan.

Your primary reason for joining an affiliate program is to make money! Should I say that again? To make money! So please, check the compensation plan. Make sure it suits you. When dose the company pay? At what rate? How does the company pay? If it doesn't go down well with you, just forget it and find yourself another affiliate program with which you feel comfortable.

Note however that even if the commission schedule is small but sure, the work you do can help you blow it all up. Think of $1 in 1000 places ($1000). It can be achieved weekly. You can realize that with almost all affiliate programs.

The bottom line, choose a program that suits you.

4. Join Free Programs But....
A lot of affiliate programs allow you to join for free. I suggest you join the free ones. My reason is; you can easily leave without much loss. I feel sorry for people who have tried several programs and paid heavily just to realize it is not the right one. But if you think you can afford it, then the choice is yours.

Once you've made a choice, remember these last two tips!

5. Build Your Team of Affiliates.

This can be the most excruciating part of it all, but once you have a team of down-lines who are active, it is well worth it.

Always remember, "for every twelve, there is always a Judas." There will always be bad apples in a barrel. Find the good ones, train them, help them and you have simply helped yourself.

How do you know the good ones? Simple; watch out for those that ask questions, contact you and fulfill all requirements in short periods of time. Go for them and you are building a money spinning business.

6. Put Yourself in the Shoes of Those you Want to Recruit.

Make things easy for them. Put together all the information and deliver it to them. I know it took you sometime getting the information. Help them get it in a shorter time. Probably in few hours. Contact them always. Answer their questions. Give them all the help you can. Show them what to do and help them do it right.

Remember, you help them; you simply help yourself. Put yourself in their shoes and do exactly what you would have loved if you were in their shoes.

By: gurpreet singh

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

For More Free Resources visit www.start-ownbiz.com

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What is MaxMalls?

On January 2, 2008, SFI (Strong Futures International) introduced Maxmalls. If you have not yet been exposed to Maxmalls, SFI has joined the affiliate programs of many of the top-ranked and most-liked stores on the Internet and has built a simple portal to all of these stores.

By visiting one website (www.maxmalls.com) you will gain access to hundreds of name-brand companies. The goal of SFI is to add thousands of these stores all on one website!
Please note that going to any of the stores in MaxMalls is exactly like going to the store directly, and you will pay the exact same amount for your purchases, too.

To make this store even more appealing, if you are a member of SFI's EyeEarn program, you will share in the profit of all sales generated through Maxmalls! In addition,
SFI will donate a portion of every MaxMalls sale to the nonprofit organization, Save The Children.

Happy Shopping!

Posted by Chris

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eye Earn- get paid to drive your car and more!

I just recently decided to give EyeEarn a shot.

What exactly is EyeEarn?

Well EyeEarn could quite possibly be the biggest thing that I have ever signed up for, or it could be just another addition to my list of dumpy programs I have tried. However, I think that EyeEarn is more of the first and isn’t just another dumpy program.

EyeEarn is a program that will pay you to put an EyeEarn sticker somewhere on your car window. It costs $20 for the sticker, shirt, cards and other stuff they have in the EyeEarn package. After you pay the $20 and put the sticker on your car, you will begin to receive a monthly commission from the EyeEarn network.

Photo by Hamed Saber- License

How do you earn with EyeEarn?

You can earn several ways from this. One way is to just pay the $20 and then put the sticker on your car, and get a monthly commission from the EyeEarn network.

EyeEarn was created by SFI, which is a company that pays it’s affiliates a commission every time they sell a product of theirs. Once you sign up for EyeEarn, you automatically become an SFI affiliate, regardless whether or not you paid $20 for the EyeEarn package. By selling and promoting SFI products, you can make more money.

Build up your downline, and earn more money!

Another way you can earn is by recruiting a downline. Every time someone signs up through your referral link, they are added to your downline. Every time someone in your downline has a person sign up under them, that person is also added to your downline. The downline is 7 levels deep. You will earn every time someone in your downline makes a sale, or makes a purchase of an SFI product.

When you pay the $20 for the sticker, you automatically get placed in the EyeEarn co-op. The EyeEarn co-op will automatically disperse people who signed up for EyeEarn into your downline. This means that periodically you will have people placed into your downline, without you having to do anything!

What do I think about EyeEarn?

I think it has good potential. I think that while I doubt I will earn much this next month, I do expect it to grow over time. EyeEarn is open worldwide, so the market for it is enormous! EyeEarn hasn’t been out for long, so I really do think that those that get started early with it will benefit the most. I’m going to hope for the best! I invite you to try it out with me! It is completely free to sign up, so you can sign up and learn more about it before you decide whether or not you want to pay the $20 for the EyeEarn package.

Sunday, January 27, 2008