Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eye Earn- get paid to drive your car and more!

I just recently decided to give EyeEarn a shot.

What exactly is EyeEarn?

Well EyeEarn could quite possibly be the biggest thing that I have ever signed up for, or it could be just another addition to my list of dumpy programs I have tried. However, I think that EyeEarn is more of the first and isn’t just another dumpy program.

EyeEarn is a program that will pay you to put an EyeEarn sticker somewhere on your car window. It costs $20 for the sticker, shirt, cards and other stuff they have in the EyeEarn package. After you pay the $20 and put the sticker on your car, you will begin to receive a monthly commission from the EyeEarn network.

Photo by Hamed Saber- License

How do you earn with EyeEarn?

You can earn several ways from this. One way is to just pay the $20 and then put the sticker on your car, and get a monthly commission from the EyeEarn network.

EyeEarn was created by SFI, which is a company that pays it’s affiliates a commission every time they sell a product of theirs. Once you sign up for EyeEarn, you automatically become an SFI affiliate, regardless whether or not you paid $20 for the EyeEarn package. By selling and promoting SFI products, you can make more money.

Build up your downline, and earn more money!

Another way you can earn is by recruiting a downline. Every time someone signs up through your referral link, they are added to your downline. Every time someone in your downline has a person sign up under them, that person is also added to your downline. The downline is 7 levels deep. You will earn every time someone in your downline makes a sale, or makes a purchase of an SFI product.

When you pay the $20 for the sticker, you automatically get placed in the EyeEarn co-op. The EyeEarn co-op will automatically disperse people who signed up for EyeEarn into your downline. This means that periodically you will have people placed into your downline, without you having to do anything!

What do I think about EyeEarn?

I think it has good potential. I think that while I doubt I will earn much this next month, I do expect it to grow over time. EyeEarn is open worldwide, so the market for it is enormous! EyeEarn hasn’t been out for long, so I really do think that those that get started early with it will benefit the most. I’m going to hope for the best! I invite you to try it out with me! It is completely free to sign up, so you can sign up and learn more about it before you decide whether or not you want to pay the $20 for the EyeEarn package.