Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Buzzbot…The Future Is Here!

The Buzzbot,what does it do?
Well, the people at Web2Upgrade have out did themselves on this one.

They have come up with a NEW Technology and this technology is called the Buzzbot.

Web2Upgrade's new BuzzBot technology is "icing on the cake" when it comes to Social Networking websites such as myspace,youtube,and photo bucket just to name a few.
The Buzzbot allows you to make comments,make blogs, and interact on EVERY Website in the World! All you have to do is Sign up for Free and download the Buzzbot. Thats it !

Web2uprade and the Buzzbot technology is Free and will always be Free. There is a Pro Version ,however if you are reluctant to purchase anything, that is fine. The Free Version is Fully Functional.

The BuzzBot will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your website window and takes up very little space. In order to use the BuzzBot you simply click on it and it opens down the right side on your screen.

Let me remind you that the Buzzbot will appear on EVERY Website that you type into your browser! Imagine the possibilities! The Web2Upgrade with the Buzzbot Technology is totally free to use, but you do need to be invited, So with that said, Consider yourself Invited!

When you are in your Back Office you will have the same as other Social Networking websites Except you will have More! Chat Rooms,Blogs,Event Calendar,Classified Ads,Clubs,Videos,Music,eCards,and even Polls.

Oh, did I tell you, Web2Upgrade has an Affiliate Program as well! The affiliate program just launched and has a great compensation plan. For further details,you'll just have to go there!

Again, Web2Upgrade and The Buzzbot is the future and the FUTURE is NOW !
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Posted by Christopher Keenan