Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What is MaxMalls?

On January 2, 2008, SFI (Strong Futures International) introduced Maxmalls. If you have not yet been exposed to Maxmalls, SFI has joined the affiliate programs of many of the top-ranked and most-liked stores on the Internet and has built a simple portal to all of these stores.

By visiting one website ( you will gain access to hundreds of name-brand companies. The goal of SFI is to add thousands of these stores all on one website!
Please note that going to any of the stores in MaxMalls is exactly like going to the store directly, and you will pay the exact same amount for your purchases, too.

To make this store even more appealing, if you are a member of SFI's EyeEarn program, you will share in the profit of all sales generated through Maxmalls! In addition,
SFI will donate a portion of every MaxMalls sale to the nonprofit organization, Save The Children.

Happy Shopping!

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