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Network Marketing is a business model that incorporates the concept of buying high quality products from people that you know, like, and trust. Products are shipped from the manufacturer to the customer, and the only middle part of that is a distributor representing the network marketing company. There are no wholesalers, or advertising agencies, or any other entity in between. The concept of network marketing is for the distributor to connect with the customer in order to personally explain the value of the brand, the difference in quality of the products, and why buying from this brand will produce better results for the customer.

Highly regarded businessmen Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki believe in network marketing, especially for home-based and small business owners, and teamed up to write a book about it, “Why We Want You To Be Rich.” That being said, there are companies that have tarnished the reputation of network marketing by operating in underhanded or devious ways. Most of these companies do not last long, and many times there was not a reputable product to sustain the company. Unless there is a solid foundation of products that people want to buy, and even refer to others because of the benefits they receive, a network marketing company can not survive, much less flourish.

Network marketing was introduced to the world a very long time ago. I know that it is at least 53 years ago when my primary business launched under this business structure. People who are part of our brand believe that they pioneered the business model and are proud of it. Network marketers are business owners. It is their job to find customers and introduce them to products that are superior to those found in stores. If any of those customers want to have a home-based business of their own, it is the network marketer’s job to help them get started and provide support and leadership. Even though the network marketer takes on many hats in their business, they are not alone. Most parent companies provide training, support materials, all kinds of tools and services including home office staff. Upline business leaders help everyone in their group, and in general an unlimited amount of assistance is available.

The opportunity to earn income is unlimited in network marketing. A business owner can work under the premise that the sky is the limit in regard to how many people they introduce to their products, their business, the benefits and solutions that their products provide. They enjoy support while they are in charge of their own business. It is the best of both worlds because they are independent and yet they are not alone. Some feel that network marketing is the very best business model in the world today.

The internet has transformed network marketing companies. In the past, distributors would stock products and sell out of their homes or small businesses. Now, customers can order direct online, or by phone, and have products shipped from the company direct to the consumer. This saves a tremendous amount of time, inventory money, and offers the opportunity to use business time to reach more customers or spend more time educating customers on the value of the products. The internet also allows the opportunity to have a global business, connecting with people and business all over the world.

There are as many compensation programs in network marketing as there are companies, almost. It is worth the time and effort to compare income structures because there are vast differences involved. You might find one company that will pay out up to 50% while another company may limit earnings to as little as 10%. Product is as important as income. It is also worth the time and effort to research the company’s products, their value, the potential to find customers interested in buying, the market trends, and length of time the company has been in business. Another factor that interests potential consumers is that high quality products from companies with long-term legacies of success will have a guarantee established because the brand is confident in the performance of the products.

It may seem like there is a lot to consider when making the decision to join a network marketing company. It is more than worth your time invested, especially when you consider that for every successful home business network marketer, there is at least one that became associated with a failed company and may have lost both money and time that they can never get back. 53 years is the longest track record you will find in network marketing. A company that has a 53 year legacy of success, and is growing in distributors and expanding around the world, can offer a fantastic opportunity for a new network marketer. When the company’s products are in five major growth trends for the next ten years, it is not too late to get started. It is the perfect time to join and build the income of your dreams.

I invite you to learn what you can about network marketing. See if you agree with the folks that consider this business model one that anybody can use to earn income and build a significant business. Think about the lives that you can impact with both the products and the ability to refer the business opportunity as well. Consider the time freedom and financial security that you can enjoy when you are in charge of your personal and financial destiny. In 2009, the best network marketing companies have laid the foundation for you to not only get started and grow quickly, but also earn income right away. There is a definite need for immediate income and you can find companies that recognize this and have implemented programs to deliver that money immediately.

What I like best about the network marketing business model and the products that come from these companies is the personal communication involved and how unique and effective the products work. In today’s world, you often feel like a number ‘out there’ and it is hard to connect with a ‘live person’ to get help. And I know that I have purchased products, of all kinds, that simply do not live up to what they should. It is disappointing and you feel robbed of your hard earned money. With network marketing, that is different. There are people that you know, like, and trust behind the products and the business opportunity. They will answer your questions, and refer you to what can provide the solutions and results you seek. I prefer to use products from network marketing companies, whether that be nutrition, personal care products, home care products, computer products, or internet services. And it makes me feel good as a network marketer to offer this kind of value and service.

Posted by Chris Keenan

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